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Calculate your Florida transfer and recordation taxes*


 There are typically three government taxes which are charged when transferring real estate in Florida.

1) “Documentary Stamps on the Deed”
2) “Documentary Stamps on the Mortgage”
3) “Intangible Tax on the Mortgage”

 If transferring real estate and the buyer is paying cash, you only need to concern yourself with the Documentary Stamps on the deed.

 If transferring real estate and the buyer is purchasing by executing a mortgage then you will need to concern yourself with all three government fees. **(The buyer/Borrower usually pays for the Mortgage documentary stamps and the Mortgage Intangible Taxes.) **(The seller usually pays for the Deed Documentary Stamps .) 

If you are refinancing your property you will only concern yourself with the Mortgage Documentary Stamps and the Mortgage Intangible Taxes.

Type of transaction

Enter purchase price  (just enter the numbers, no commas or dollar signs) Enter loan amount, if any:  (just enter the numbers, no commas or dollar signs)

Documentary Stamps (Deed)
Documentary Stamps (Mortgage)
Intangible Tax

** Which parties, pay which fees, can be negotiated between the sellers and the buyers and made a part of the contract.. Refer to local county customs for what is usual and customary. 

Although the calculations on this page are deemed to be accurate, Title Professionals of Florida, does not guarantee or warrant the results herein. Because several factors can affect the amount of taxes collected you should call one of our representatives or the Clerk of Court for the county the property is located in for a more accurate figure.