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Title Professionals of Florida was founded in Fort Myers, Florida in January 1994. We have enjoyed an excellent reputation in Fort Myers throughout the years and now conduct real estate transactions throughout the entire state of Florida. Currently, we operate 3 fully staffed processing centers in Florida. We are capable of handling all types of closings at both the residential and commercial levels. We at TPF also have over 13 years of experience processing and closing REVERSE MORTGAGES. We are a Web-Based Company which allows you and your customers to communicate, and interact effectively through our web-site.  Please take a few minutes to get familiar with our web-site.  We believe you will find it helpful and informative regardless of which type of transaction you are performing.


The transfer and refinancing of real estate in the United States is the nation's largest single business, estimated to total nearly $400 billion annually, according to the National Association of REALTORS.

Your involvement in this industry - the cost  and/or value of the house you will buy, sell or refinance - is a small part of this total, but it probably will be or was the largest single investment you will ever make.

Settlement, also referred to as "closing," is the formal process by which ownership of real property passes from the seller to the buyer and is the end of the home buying process. Title Professionals of Florida has prepared this informative web page to help the buyer, seller and borrower to understand the settlement procedure, as well as to clarify some of the specific services rendered.